Copen Grand Highlight of HDB EC Launching in The West

ECs are new housing developments that cater to a select group of buyers and offer full condo facilities and amenities. Qualifying first-time buyers are eligible for a CPF housing grant worth $30,000 to help them purchase their new home. With limited supply, now is a great time to buy.


Copen Grand is a landmark development from HDB, and the first EC in Tengah Estate. It is also the first car-free town district in Singapore and the first HDB EC to feature an underground road system. The development offers residents a peaceful environment, just steps away from nature, and will be a key centerpiece of HDB Live Green.

Its design and amenities are intended to stand the test of time. It is inspired by the lush, natural surroundings of the neighbourhood and will provide a place for people to make life-long memories. It will also integrate wellness and growth to create a holistic environment.

Copen Grand is Singapore’s first Green Mark Platinum Super Low Energy EC, which combines green design, smart technology, and luxury living. It exemplifies CDL’s ethos as a developer who is committed to ensuring a sustainable future for future generations. The building’s layout is sustainable, and the construction process was carefully thought out to minimize the impact on the environment.

Solar energy

ECs have their own set of benefits, but they also have different requirements than conventional condos. For example, you will have to pay down a substantial amount of cash as the down payment. In addition, you will have to provide proof of your income and marital status to qualify for an EC. Moreover, you must be prepared for fluctuating interest rates.

EC homes are designed to last. They take their inspiration from the beautiful surrounding landscape. These features provide a unique living environment that enables residents to create life-long memories. These homes also integrate growth and wellness in a holistic environment. They are also affordable compared to private residences.

Another HDB EC launch in the west is Copen Grand in Tengah. Located in the heart of Tengah Town, this Executive Condominium has an estimated site area of 22,020.8 square meters. The building will feature 615 units, ranging from cozy 3-bedrooms to luxurious 5-bedroom units.

Three MRT stations

One of the highlights of HDB’s EC launching in The West is the development of the Tengah township. This new town is situated within a strategic eco-corridor that connects to nature reserves in the Central Catchment area. The developer plans to recreate the existing forest corridor through the town to create a town that is sensitive to the environment.

Prices of new ECs have been steadily increasing in the last couple of years. From 2016 to 2020, they surged by 42.5 percent. However, prices have stabilised for this year. The trend is likely to continue as more people look for more affordable housing options due to the sky-high price of private properties. As more EC launches are launched, prices are likely to increase even more. While prices will be higher, they are still affordable and within the reach of many people.

Located in Tengah Town, the development is near the Jurong East MRT station. The new station is scheduled to begin operations by 2027. It is part of the Jurong Region Line and is part of the new phrase two construction, which will feature seven train stations. This will provide residents with convenient transportation options.

Affordable price

Located near the Jurong Innovation District and the upcoming smart eco-town in Tengah, the Copen Grand EC is expected to generate a healthy demand for its units. In fact, the demand for ECs in Singapore has always been robust, said the head of research and content at NeoNex Realty, Wong Siew Ying.

This development is a good choice for Marina Gardens Condo those who are starting a new family unit. It offers a wide range of sizes, with everything from a 2-bedroom unit to a 5-bedroom unit. It also has enough space for large families, and Hillhaven Condo is a great choice for 3-generation households.

The developer behind Copen Grand is Taurus Property SG Pte Ltd, a wholly-owned subsidiary of City Developments. This development is the result of a partnership between two of the most prestigious developers in Singapore. This partnership also includes the development of the Piccadilly Grand, a mixed-use development at the Farrer Park MRT station.

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