Website Disclaimer

NUH Gynae is a website dedicated to providing information to website owners regarding both public and social services. The website ensures to put up all the information they feel is informative to their people. But, it is crucial to note that the information put up on the website is not 100 percent accurate. Therefore, they urge their followers to inform them immediately they notice an omission or error on the reports they put up on their website.

General information

This website is dedicated to proving all the information that NUH Gynae need to know about their states and social development. Although they only publicize general information, the website does not focus on an individual or a particular agency.

The website provides simple information

By simple we mean you will not find an in-depth description of information from the website as they only offer simple descriptions to the matter at hand. In some cases, the information provided by the website may be involving complex matter involving law enforcement or legal and political matters. Therefore, for such information, the website does not offer all the information that the views may want to know; hence, in such cases, you may have to rely on other sources of information.

No personal information provision

The other essential thing worth noting about this website is the individual focus. You may be involved with a particular agency or group that has been publicized on the website and want to know more about your involvement with the agency. But, note that the website does not provide such information. As said earlier they only provide general information regarding the public and the social services. So, you may have to contact or visit the agent to gather more personal information.

The website does not offer legal or professional advice

Although this website is focused on providing information to the NUH Gynae, they do not offer any form of legal or professional advice. Therefore, whatever you read from the website is meant to inform you and not to guide you on how to respond to the situation or act upon the situation. In such cases, make sure to consult the right bodies involved in the matter be it legal or business body.The website only provides information

The website only offers the available information regarding the schemes or the social services offered to the NUH Gynae. The NUH Gynae is not in charge of the schemes or service providers. Therefore, in case you have any query regarding how the schemes and social service providers operate or their administrative team, you may have to contact them directly.

External information and organizations references

If there is more detail regarding the provided information on other websites or links, the NUH Gynae may provide links to other websites. This website also includes the organization as references if they don’t have a website. The third-party information you may find on the website include; images, articles, abstracts and even hyperlinks if more information can be found in other related websites. The sole reason for providing the third party links is to ensure all the readers get enough information, including that, is not found on NUH Gynae Site. The third-party linking is not done as an AD since the website does not engage in endorsement deals. ¬†Also, NUH Gynae website is not responsible for the information found on third-party websites.

The general disclaimer representations, warranties and terms

NUH Gynae and all the involved parties are not responsible for the information provided on the website. They also do not give warranty of 100 per cent accuracy of the details. The information provided may contain errors or omissions. But, note that the website ensures to follow all the rules governing the running of such a website. In case of damage or claim on the provided information, this website is not liable for it.

The terms of use

Their website use terms state that everyone who uses or downloads information from this website is responsible for the risks that may arise and should also maintain privacy for the information.

The translation

The website is not responsible for how you interpret and understand the provided information

The use of headings ad sub-headings

The headings and subheadings used are meant to make the disclaimer information more understandable to the readers.