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Emergency Care In Pregnancy


Where to go

When you are in labour, please call our Delivery Suite (24 hours hotline) at 6772 5602 and proceed to our Main Building. Our staff will escort you to the Delivery Suite.


Our nurses will bring you to your own suite, where you will remain throughout the delivery. If your labour is establised, you will be given a fleet enema to clear your bowels. You and your baby will be monitored continously to ensure that your labour is progressing well.


You can also expect regular vaginal examinations by the obstetrician/ midwife and if necessary, an infusion line will be set up. During labour, you are advised not to eat and drink, but sips of water will be provided. Your spouse/ partner is encouraged to be by your side throughout your labour.


You may find your contractions very uncomfortable. You may want to discuss with your obstetrician prior to your delivery if you want to explore options such as entonox, pethidine or epidural that will help alleviate the pain.



Please call our Delivery Suite (24 hours hotline) at 6772 5602.



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