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Antenatal Package (Outpatient)

We are pleased to offer you an antenatal package that covers all pregnancy-related consultations after your 22nd week of pregnancy. This package includes:


Private patients
Price Senior Consultant (List 1) - $1,230.50
Senior Consultant - $984.40
Consultant - $845.30

Package includes :

  • All pregnancy-related consultation from 22nd week of your pregnancy onwards till the birth of your baby
  • 2 ultrasound/obstetric scans (at 22nd and 32nd weeks) to monitor the growth of your baby
  • 1 post-natal consultation
  • Package price is inclusive of GST and is to be paid in full upon confirmation and is non-refundable
  • Non-pregnancy related consultations such as diabetes, cough, flu etc will be billed separately
  • Prescriptions, routine antenatal blood test and all other procedures such as amniocentesis, additional ultrasound scan etc will be billed separately
  • Package does not include your obstetrician’s delivery fees

    Note : Subject to revision without prior/pre-informed notice


Who is eligible for the antenatal package?
All NUH patients who are at least 22 weeks pregnant.


How do I sign up for this package?
As you approach your 22nd week of pregnancy, our clinic staff will inform you of this package during your visit.
You can sign up and pay for your package in full at the clinic.