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Hysteroscopy Clinic

We provide an outpatient hysteroscopy service for women with menstrual disorders and other problems concerning the womb lining or cavity.

Hysteroscopy involves inserting a thin telescope into the womb through the vagina. The telescope enables visualisation of the uterine cavity. This can be done without using an anaesthetic as we use an especially thin telescope. This procedure comes with minimal discomfort and is usually well-tolerated.


Services available

  • Diagnosis and management of women with menstrual disorders
  • Diagnosis and management of women found or suspected to have  endometrial polyps, thickened lining or submucous fibroids
  • Taking samples or biopsies from the uterine cavity
  • Treatment of small endometrial polyps
  • Insertion/removal of intrauterine devices eg Ota ring, Cu375 or Mirena
  • Investigation of fertility problems or recurrent miscarriage.



What to expect

The clinic is situated at NUH main building, G clinic. There is a comfortable waiting area. The service is provided by a consultant gynaecologist and dedicated nursing staff.

Patients are usually seen within a month of referral. We often advise patients to take simple pain-killers, such as paracetamol just before the procedure in order to reduce any discomfort. The procedure itself takes only a few minutes. If some treatment is required, this can usually be done at the same time. Most women experience a little bleeding and period-like cramps following the procedure.

We advise that patients should have someone to pick them up following the appointment where possible.


Please contact the Women's Clinic at (65)6772 2255 / 2277 for more information or to make an appointment, or email us at  Womens_Clinic@nuhs.edu.sg




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Head of Division

A/Prof Fong Yoke Fai


Senior Consultant

Dr Stephen Chew
Dr Winnie Wun 


Dr Anupriya Agarwal



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