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Division Director's Message


Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS) is one the fastest growing areas in surgery today. Combining advanced technology with patient care has allowed minimally invasive surgeons to do more with less. Patients who undergo minimally invasive surgery typically experience less postoperative pain, shorter hospital stays, a quicker return to work and normal daily activities. Additionally, because laparoscopic procedures use much smaller incisions, scarring is minimal. In addition, the risk of wound infection or abdominal hernia, which can result from larger incisions, is greatly reduced. Our team's highly skilled surgeons offer expertise in the laparoscopic surgical treatment of ectopic pregnancy, fibroids, ovarian cyst and endometriosis.


Through the MIS team at NUH, these minimally invasive approaches are accomplishing traditional surgical goals with less pain, faster recovery and lower wound complication rates. We are committed to excellent patient care through research, education and clinical expertise.



A/Prof Fong Yoke Fai
Head and Senior Consultant
Division of Minimally Invasive Surgery

National University Hospital






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Head of Division

 A/Prof Fong Yoke Fai


Senior Consultant

Dr Stephen Chew
Dr Winnie Wun


Dr Anupriya Agarwal



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