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Fetal Care Centre


The Fetal Care Centre (FCC) is the nerve centre under the Division of Maternal Fetal Medicine. It provides a comprehensive range of services for screening, diagnosis, counselling and management of fetal abnormalities during pregnancy. The centre is equipped with quality Diagnostic Ultrasound Machines, including machines with 3D/4D capabilities.


Opened on 10 August 2010, the FCC aims to enhance and strengthen our Women's Centre as a 1-stop service centre. Previously known as the Antenatal Diagnostic Centre (ADC), the FCC comprises 2 clinics to better meet the needs of our subsidised and private patients.


We are located at Kent Ridge Wing, Level 3 (next to the Kent Ridge Wing Pharmacy)

Operating hours: 
8.00am - 5.30pm, Mon to Thu 
8.00am - 5pm on Fri


Ultrasound scanning in FCC is performed by a team of dedicated Ultrasonographers, each with more than 12 years of experience in Prenatal Ultrasonography. Our Senior Consultants take turns to supervise and provide expert advice whenever required. The centre aims to provide parents and obstetrics caregivers the knowledge to make informed decisions about your pregnancy.


The services offered in FCC can be broadly categorised into 3 groups:  Screening, Diagnostic and Treatment.


1) Screening

  • First Trimester non-invasive screening for Down syndrome, using nuchal translucency and serum biochemistry (PAPP-A and Beta-hCG). The result of the combined screening test, including blood test result, is made available same day within 2 hours. 
  • Second Trimester serum biochemistry (Triple Test) screening for Down syndrome.


2) Diagnostic Services

3D Ultrasound, Multivessel Fetal Dopplers and Fetal Echocardiography are the major strengths of the centre in Prenatal Diagnosis. Our range of services that can help in detection of foetal abnormalities include:


  • Targeted 2D ultrasound imaging (Fetal Abnormalities Scan 20 - 22 weeks, Growth Scans 24 weeks onwards, Biophysical Fetal Assessment).
  • Doppler blood flow studies of fetal and uterine vessels.
  • Fetal Echocardiography with 3D/4D imaging of fetal heart.
  • 3D reconstruction and real time 4D imaging.
  • Invasive testing including:

          - Chorionic Villus Sampling (CVS) at 11 - 13 weeks

          - Amniocentesis at 15 - 20 weeks

          - Detailed Chromosome Analysis result available in 10 - 12 days

          - Fetal blood sampling

          - Cordontesis


  • Molecular biologic testing for single gene disorders e.g Thalassaemias, Muscular Dystrohies etc.
  • Rapid Karyotype with result available within one working day. The highlight of this service is that First Trimester screening and diagnosis for Down syndrome can be performed on the same day as Nuchal and Serum Biochemistry screen, followed by Chorionic Villus Sampling for screen postive cases. Presence or absence of Down syndrome can be confirmed within 24 hours.


3) Treatment Options

  • Therapeutic Amnioinfusion
  • Serial Amniondrainage for twin-twin transfusion system
  • Treatment for fetal heart failure
  • Fetal drug treatment for cardiac arryhythmias.



Please contact the Fetal Care Centre at the dedicated appointment line (65) 6772 5180 for easy access to our services and appointment booking, or email us at FCC@nuhs.edu.sg



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 Division of
Maternal Fetal Medicine


Head of Division

Prof Arijit Biswas


Senior Consultant

Prof Chong Yap Seng

A/Prof Mary Rauff

A/Prof Wong Yee Chee

A/Prof Mahesh Choolani

Dr Chua Tsei Meng

Dr Vanaja Kalaichelvan



Dr Su Lin Lin

Dr Anita Kale