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Delivery Suite




To offer each pregnant mum a wonderful and memorable experience during the birth of her baby, our facilities are designed with our patients' comfort in mind. The 8 delivery suite rooms are single-bedded, en-suite and attractively decorated in pastel shades. Each individual room is equipped with a television, phone and a comfortable reclining sofa. The pregnant mum's partner is encouraged to stay with her at all times in the delivery suite, to provide the emotional support crucially needed just before the baby arrives.


We deliver more than 2,500 babies a year. To look after the pregnant mum well and ensure the safe delivery of her baby, we conduct practice drills for our midwifery birth attendants and doctors regularly to keep our team up to date with knowledge and skills. We have well-equipped theatres, high dependency units (HDUs), intensive care unit (ICUs) and neonatal units, all located within close proximity on the same level of the building, to facilitate the delivery of multi-disciplinary care for mothers and their babies during high risk pregnancies.

In addition, we are one of the few hospitals in Asia that offer STAN analysis in our delivery suite. STAN is a unique foetal monitor that combines changes in the foetal ECG (foetal heart tracing) and the conventional CTG (the standardised heart monitors in most units); it helps to accurately detect foetus that lack oxygen and identify babies that require immediate delivery. In addition, STAN also provides reassurance when no intervention is required. The safety of the mother and baby is of utmost importance to us; pregnant mums and their partners can therefore rest assured that their babies' as well as their own wellbeing are being monitored at all times.


With the help of our anaesthetic colleagues, we also offer a 24-hour epidural service to mothers who require pain relief while giving birth. Our caring and efficient midwives provide one to one support, making the birthing experience more pleasant and reducing the need for pain relief.


Please click here for more information on the labour and birthing process.

One of our birthing rooms is equipped with a comfortable pool for pregnant mums who fancy delivering their babies in a pool! Delivering in soothing warm water makes the contraction discomfort during labour more bearable. In addition, there are also evidence to suggest that tears are less likely to occur in water, reducing the need for suturing of the mother's perineum after birth. Pregnant mums interested in water births are encouraged to visit our water birth suite.


We would be most delighted to show you our facilities and services and make your childbirth experience a memorable and pleasant one!


Please contact the Women's Clinic at (65)6772 2002 for more information or to make an appointment, or email us at  appointment@nuhs.edu.sg